The Spinnaker Net by Spinnaker Shop
Prevent disastrous spinnaker  wraps.  Whether you are racing or cruising, our net will give you the confidence to fly the spinnaker at night and when short-handed. 

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Custom made to fit your boat and accommodate your rig specifics,  this  device will allow you to get the full potential from your boat.



The concept is simple:  fill the fore triangle with something that does not allow the spinnaker to cross centerline behind the forestay, but does not interfere with wind flow across the sails.


Our net comprises a "luff" of webbing that is shackled at the stem and hoisted on a jib halyard, a "leech" of 3-strand line that is tied off at the base of the mast, and three horizontal webbing bands at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 points up from the deck to the masthead.  As seen in this photo, the net is nearly invisible to the wind (and to competitors).  No one need know how you managed to fly your kite through that squall while your competitors were stopped for two hours disentangle nylon from stainless rod or wire.


The three horizontal bands are fastened to the forestay to completely eliminate the possibility of a wrap.  We can accommodate a roller furling headsail or headfoil.


To ease setting, deploying, and re-stowing the net after use, we have devised a storage bag that incorporates a system to keep your net from becoming an unusable rat's nest.  Thus allowing you to use it a second time!

For carefree spinnaker flying, don't sail without a net!

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Please contact Synthia Petroka for pricing and delivery.